Feds Say Fumo Owes $4 Million

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Federal prosecutors yesterday tried to debunk disgraced former state
Sen. Vince Fumo’s argument that he should not have to forfeit $4
million to the government.

The feds’ court filing said that the defense was dead-wrong in its
assertion that the feds’ $4 million claim for forfeiture should be
dismissed or at least limited to the $2 million amount originally
sought in the indictment.

Fumo was found guilty on March 16 of 137 counts of conspiracy, fraud
and obstruction of justice after a five-month trial. (Prosecutors
contended at trial that Fumo defrauded the state Senate and two
nonprofits of more than $4 million by, among other offenses, using
Senate staffers and nonprofit resources for personal or political gain.)

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