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Barletta Votes to Slash EPA Funds, But Wants More EPA Work Locally

This is classic. After voting to cut EPA’s funding, Congressman Lou Barletta is pissed that the EPA isn’t doing more work in Pittston. Oh Lou… when you want something done, you usually have to pay for it. If you hadn’t … More after the jump

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Job Opening… Bad Credit Need Not Apply

Let’s say you got laid off a few months ago, and you’ve been scraping by on unemployment, but have fallen behind on a few credit card payments or had an unexpected medical bill. You finally find a job, only to … More after the jump

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Palin Sneaks Out of Gettysburg, Leaving Crazybus Behind

This morning, while reporters waited for the Palin Crazybus to leave the hotel, the Palin family snuck out of the hotel in other vehicles, leaving her fans and reporters behind to wonder. Some public “tour” she’s running, eh? You don’t … More after the jump

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Will Old Navy’s Gay Pride T-Shirts Spark Culture War?

The Patriot-News today is running a reported piece about Old Navy’s new gay pride t-shirts. Are the acceptable in school? Should Old Navy have “traditional American values” t-shirts? It goes on. Although those interviewed for the article overwhelmingly think the … More after the jump

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Briefly Noted

Like a lot of you, we took the day off, but we’ll be back on track early tomorrow morning! –Greg PS – In the meantime, tell your friends about our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We want to get to know … More after the jump

State Troopers Disguise as PENNDOT Workers to Catch Speeders

Love this… although knowing my luck I’ll get nabbed. Police and PennDOT officials said there will be numerous additional speed enforcement checkpoints throughout the year as part of what they call Operation Yellow Jacket. In it, troopers disguised as PennDOT … More after the jump

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Miley Hates on Rick Santorum and Urban Outfitters

…but she probably loves Pennsylvania. Miley’s tweets lately have been getting political. Not only is she pissed at Urban Outfitters (a Philly company) for stealing these jewelry designs from an independent designer, but she draws a line over to Urban … More after the jump

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Yes, the Price of Booze is a Political Issue

Joe Collins at PA Water Cooler makes some┬ápersuasive Hayekian points about why the government is not good at running the wine and spirits market: ´╗┐Are the price comparisons reported by the Patriot News valid? Maybe Pennsylvanians drink more vodka than … More after the jump

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Palin’s Crazybus Will Stop in Gettysburg and Philly

Sarah Palin is about to bring her crazy on tour! In a bus! With the Declaration of Independence plastered on the side! Even better? She’s stopping in Gettysburg and Philly. So get out your Don’t Tread On Me flags and … More after the jump

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Veon Trial Delayed… Again

Oh Mike Veon… mustache of the West, as we like to call him. That’s a name we thought we were done hearing, what with his prior convictions. But nay! He’s also accused of being involved in misdirecting state funds to … More after the jump

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