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Dan Aykroyd Easily Tops Romney Crowd Size in Allentown

Susan Koomar: Romney’s feisty remarks drew a smattering of applause from a few dozen onlookers. Across town, a much bigger crowd waited in line to buy expensive vodka and meet movie star Dan Aykroyd during an event at a liquor … More after the jump

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Shady Business? Saidel Bills $150k to Philly Housing Authority

Former Philadelphia city controller and prominent attorney Jonathan Saidel’s contract with the Philadelphia Housing Authority is being questioned as the agency’s $38.5 million in outside legal fees are scrutinized. Saidel earned $5,000 a month for a total of about $150,000 … More after the jump

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Toomey: Privacy Could Break The Internet

Every time you think Senator Pat Toomey’s said his nuttiest thing ever, he tops himself. This week, he’s not talking about the debt ceiling (thank goodness, since his crazy theories would bankrupt the country), but instead is upset about a … More after the jump

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What Tom Corbett Could Be Doing on Jobs

Tom Corbett’s idea of job creation is probably “do whatever the state’s largest businesses are asking for.” But that’s just not how job creation works. Job creation comes overwhelmingly from small firms scaling up. The biggest players are rarely going … More after the jump

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On Time for Once, Budget Goes to Corbett

Well, we’ve got to hand it to the legislature. For the first time in eight years, they finished the state budget on time. Of course, we suppose it must be easier to do when you’re willing to cut social services, … More after the jump

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How a Gas Tycoon Bought a Governorship

Will Bunch is on fire today. His blockbuster Daily News story details how Pennsylvania’s lax campaign finance laws allowed an energy tycoon from Oklahoma spent at least $450,000 dollars to elect Attorney General Tom Corbett in 2004. The massive campaign … More after the jump

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O’Hare’s Hateful Column on Bethlehem’s LGBT Protections

Bernie O’Hare’s column may be entitled “Keeping Them Honest,” but he needs a lesson in mixing some compassion in with his so-called honesty. He attacks Bethlehem’s new human rights ordinance with the following comparison:

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Tea Party Infighting: Do They Support School Vouchers?

What does the Tea Party stand for? We’re honestly not sure, though it seems they are fighting over whether or not to support the school choice/voucher bill:

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Corbett’s Bio “Forgets” That He Worked at Waste Management

Governor Tom Corbett’s official bio has a weird omission in it, reports Will Bunch. Though he worked for years as an attorney and spokesman for landfill-giant Waste Management, his bio conveniently forgets that part of his life. Now that’s some … More after the jump

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Nutter Vetoes Paid Sick Days Bill

Capitulating to business interests, Mayor Michael Nutter vetoed a bill that would require employers to provide paid sick days to employees. This is an unbelievable blow to workers who have little negotiating power with their employers.

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