Corbett Budget Would Do Irreparable Harm to PA

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It doesn’t get much simpler than this – Governor Tom Corbett’s budget would do irreparable harm to Pennsylvania at a time when we can least afford to take a hit. Here are just a few ways Pennsylvanians will get hurt:

  • State employees in the AFSCME are being asked to take a 4% pay cut, along with one unpaid week off, and higher insurance copays. (Meaning it’s more like a 5-6% pay cut)
  • 42,000 low-income adults would lose their health insurance with the elimination of PA’s adultBasic program. Medicaid would also be cut massively.
  • Cutting 50% of state funding for 14 state-owned universities and colleges, as well as Penn State, Pitt, Temple, and Lincoln univsersities.
  • Slashing public school funding and forcing many school districts to lay off huge numbers of teachers and close many schools.
  • Massive cuts to the least fortunate among us, including funds for transportation to doctors, food and housing for the mentally disabled, and cuts to children and youth services.
  • Eliminating the state’s Emergency Mortgage Assistance program that helps keep struggling homeowners in their homes.

All this while refusing to impose fees on Marcellus Shale fracking and wanting to save a $500 million in unexpected tax revenue for “a rainy day.”

Does this sound like the Pennsylvania you want to live in?

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6 Responses to Corbett Budget Would Do Irreparable Harm to PA

  1. phillydem says:

    Here in western PA, Corbett ran radio ads touting that he was just a regular joe from Shaler. While he didn't fool me, I don't think the good folks here who voted for him had any idea he agreed with the looniest part of the Republican base. There is serious buyer's remorse here.

    I'm sure Corbett and his accolytes think they are hurting the citizens who didn't and probably won't ever vote for him, but I know that small towns and school districts in traditionally GOP areas of the state are being hurt just as much. I expect the Republicans who represent these areas and vote for Corbett's budget will be replaced in 2012. One thing about Pennsylvanians – we have long memories.

  2. JoyfulA says:

    1 unpaid week a year is a 2% pay cut by itself. That's 6% plus the copays, which could be minimal or could take the total to 10%.

    • Greg says:

      Yes, I agree with you. I hedged because I couldn't back up the data to my satisfaction. Other articles have said under 6%, which I don't think is true.