Dems See Barletta as Vulnerable to Challenger

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Congressman Lou Barletta, scourge of Mexican-looking immigrants legal and illegal, is increasingly seen as a top target by Democrats who believe they can take back that seat in 2012.

It’s a Democratic stronghold, and most believe Barletta only won because of a Republican wave and because voters were tired of Kanjorski.

When Barletta spent about $18,000 on taxpayer-funded “franked” mailings from his congressional office to constituents during the first quarter he was in office this year, Democrats howled that he was being a hypocrite because Barletta criticized longtime Democratic Rep. Paul Kanjorski for his franking practices during Barletta’s successful 2010 run against Kanjorski.

Did Barletta try to keep video cameras – at least those not possessed by credentialed media – out of a recent constituent meeting?

Barletta said he was just trying to keep a liberal group from disrupting a small, private meeting – not a publicly advertised town hall or large scale forum – about flooding issues. Democrats pointed to that as evidence that he is running scared.

Also featured in the controversy over alleged video camera bans was another Northeastern Pennsylvania freshman Republican, Rep. Tom Marino of Lycoming Township.

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One Response to Dems See Barletta as Vulnerable to Challenger

  1. tim says:

    I think you are missing the point. kanjorskis nephews went through millions of government dollars on some not well planned high ressure water treatment of hazardous waste and other uses. It is now bankruptand the psu professor who worked for them was not very kind to their work ethic, knowledge of the process, or its chance for success. Paul liked seeing himself on television and played partisan politics to an extent i have never seen. it was time for a change. corey o brien probably has the best chance with john yuduchick next. if barletta hits down the middle these aforementioned extremally partisan types will lose and end the run of gutter master ed mitchell. the economy will be in even worse shape by this time next year and the pres and the senate will not have put a viable or believable plan in place. thus while the d s have the numerical advantage they have the the ed mitchell disadvantage.