Gaming Control Board Plagued By “Non-Criminal Misconduct”

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A recent grand jury report suggests that the entire PA casino industry was fixed before the law was even passed, and accuses the Gaming Control Board of engaging in rampant “non-criminal misconduct” designed to aid potentially criminal activities.

No criminal charges were recommended, of course, because breaking the Gaming Act law is not a crime. That’s right, it’s not a crime to break the casinos law.

Gaming Control Board Chair Greg Fajt calls PA gambling “an unmitigated success.” Lovely.

“After this grand jury met for more than two years, there were no arrests, no presentments, no indictments,” Fajt said. “They found no criminal activity because there was, in fact, no criminal activity to be found.”

Attorney general spokesman Nils Frederiksen retorted, “If that’s your definition of success, what’s your definition of failure?”

Rep. Schroder said Fajt should resign if he “is not willing to face up to this challenge and continues to deny the deep-seated problems that are apparent to so many others.”

Read the entire article in the Patriot-News. It’s well worth your time.

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