Rendell and Schwartz Call for Weiner to Resign

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Oh boy. We promised ourselves we wouldn’t do an Anthony Weiner story, but then Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz  and former Governor Ed Rendell just had to chime in. They both say he should resign immediately, and Rendell says he should get in-patient treatment, though for what we have no clue.

Does Congressman Weiner have a disease or addiction we’re unaware of? So he sexted a bit – who hasn’t? He seems like a bit of a scumbag, but if that were grounds for resigning for Congress, we’d be looking at a mass exodus from Washington.

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It’s telling that the ones calling most fervently for his resignation are fellow Democrats. What happened to loyalty, guys?

Having the respect of your constituents is fundamental for a member of Congress. In light of Anthony Weiner’s offensive behavior online, he should resign,” Schwartz said in a statement given to POLITICO Wednesday afternoon.

“I think this picture puts it over the limit, and I think he has no choice but to resign,” Rendell told Chris Matthews on “Hardball” Wednesday evening. “What I think Anthony Weiner should do is, he still has a lot to offer, he should resign, he should get treatment, and I mean real treament, maybe inpatient treatment, and if he can rehabiliate himself, can he someday down the road in New York run for office? Maybe, maybe. But he’s got to resign. He owes it to the party, he owes it to Congress, and he owes it to the issues he fought for.”

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6 Responses to Rendell and Schwartz Call for Weiner to Resign

  1. phillydem says:

    I agree, Greg. There are no laws against anything Weiner did. Was it stupid? Yeah. But, illegal? Nope. I know Chris Lee resigned over much less, but then afaik Weiner has never been preachy about morals the way most of the current GOP'ers are. The voters in NYC can decide in Nov if they want to keep him or not.

    • Greg says:

      Exactly. Voters get to decide. His fellow Democrats need to shut their traps and work on preventing the Republicans from causing another financial meltdown.

      • phillydem says:

        Well, you know there's nothing like anything involving s*x to get the Wash press corps all agog.

        • Greg says:

          I'm not proud of the fact that we run Santorum and Palin and Weiner stories, honestly, but those are the ones that make enough ad money so we can do other work. Every media outlet faces that problem.

          • phillydem says:

            Not meant as criticism of KP at all, Greg. Just wa referring to the DC press and that ilk of political media that can't help themselves when it comes to stories like this. When they come out it's 24/7 "scandal" rather than focusing on real issues like raising the debt ceiling, keeping the social safety net in tact and other topics much more important to the daily lives of us all.

  2. Greg says:

    Oh I know you didn't mean it as a criticism! Just wanted to shed some light onto those decisions.