Wagner Says Corbett is Right Not to Spend Surplus

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A top state Democrat broke from fellow party members yesterday and said that Governor Corbett is right not to use the tax surplus to help alleviate current budget woes. Auditor General Jack Wagner said the majority of the surplus should be kept in reserve for future unknowns.

Can’t say we agree, Jack. What future unknowns could be worse than our current situation, which is worse than it’s been in years.

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2 Responses to Wagner Says Corbett is Right Not to Spend Surplus

  1. delco observer says:

    someone needs to tell wagner that the way to beat corbett in 2014 is not to become corbett.

  2. arby says:

    There is no 'surplus.' The State has – in this year – some 500 million more in revenue than anticipated, The state also has an existing 3.5 billion DEBT it must repay to the Feds for the costs of sustained unemployment. The state also has an $800 million obligation to the doctors and their trust fund which was drained illegally according to the Courts. The state also has an existing $6 billlion DEBT to the PSERS and SERS retirement accounts that must be repaid. In fact, if not for the diversion of the Tobacco settlement monies and the decision not to pay into SERS AND PSERS this year, there would be a deficit this year.

    My assessment of Wagner, a Marine who EARNED a Purple Heart, is that he is willing to stand up and speak truth to power.

    He identified how to save money through fixing the criminal justice system, etc.; sound, common sense stuff that should be getting done rather than pretending that the money tree is sprouting again.