Will Congressman Kelly Follow Through on His Promise?

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Back in the 2010 campaign, then-candidate Mike Kelly made an outrageous statement to match an equally outrageous policy straw man.

Kelly said that if Republicans tried to take away Medicare, he would quit the Republican Party. Great line… I’m sure it got some applause. But now, with Paul Ryan actually trying to dismantle Medicare, we’re waiting for Rep. Kelly to quit the GOP.

So, where’s your resignation, Mike? I’m sure Leader Pelosi would love you as a new caucus member, and the people of the 3rd District want an independent voice.

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3 Responses to Will Congressman Kelly Follow Through on His Promise?

  1. JoyfulA says:

    Kelly is a disgrace! And Kelly is a one-term congressman.

  2. phillydem says:

    I saw a congressional redistricting map that in an attempt to pit Altmire and Critz against each other (happy days, 1 less conservadem), moves most of Lawrence County into what's currently PA-03. Lawrence County is pretty heavily Dem and along with the Dem parts of Mercer County (Farrell, etc), this map would make the 3rd a much more favorable district for Dems. It might nudge Georgia Berner into making another run for Congress.

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