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Santorum For States Rights, Unless They Apply to Gays

Rick Santorum has a real hard-on for gays and lesbians, doesn’t he? Some might say he’s obsessed. In any case, he attacked Texas Governor Rick Perry last week, saying states don’t have the right to legalize gay marriage. Santorum is … More after the jump

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Six Years Later, Still Trying to Solve Gricar Disappearance

Following last week’s viral posting that Ray Gricar may have been found in Utah (he wasn’t), the Inquirer publishes a more comprehensive update on the case. The long and short of it? Nobody knows what happened, doesn’t seem like anybody … More after the jump

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A Dozen Real Budget Facts from the PA Democratic Party

#12: Over half of PAers disapproved of Governor Corbett’s handling of the budget. Bringing people together! #11: Not 1 public meeting, not 1 bipartisan talk on budget. All Dems and PAers shut out. Transparency? #10: First time in 30 years, … More after the jump

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Iconic Philadelphia Inquirer Building Sold Off to Developer

This is sad to see. Philadelphia Media Network, which owns the Inquirer, Daily News, and, has sold its flagship office building at 400 N. Broad Street. The building currently houses the newsrooms of all three media entities; PMN says … More after the jump

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Since 1933, LCB Has Made Liquor Expensive and Inconvenient

Our debate about the LCB and privatizing liquor stores has been awesome, so I figured I’ll add some fuel to the fire. ran a great piece about how (and why!) the LCB was formed – expressly for the purpose … More after the jump

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“Slow Reader” Corbett Has No Comment on Shale Report

Governor Corbett won’t be rushed, apparently, because he already doesn’t like what he’s heard. But he says he’s open to the concept of impact fees, though THEY CAN’T BE TAXES, because Grover Norquist will beat him with a sack of … More after the jump

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PA Taxpayers Fund Lawmaker Memberships in ALEC

You may not have heard of ALEC, but our legislators have. The American Legislative Exchange Council, an innocuous-sounding group whose members are legislators from around the country, is dedicated to destroying government by drastically cutting spending. ALEC’s mission is aided … More after the jump

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Pittsburgh Cancels Bond Refinance Over Debt Ceiling

Wondering how the debt ceiling debate affects you? Consider the situation in Pittsburgh, where the city’s finance director just cancelled the refinance of $97 million in bonds, which would have saved the city $3 million at a time of financial … More after the jump

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Philly Parking Authority “Nazis” on the Prowl

Wow. Can’t tell you how offended we were by Stu Bykofsky’s headline this morning. We shouldn’t have to say this, but please don’t call the Parking Authority officers “Nazis,” no matter how lowly you think of them. That said, they … More after the jump

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Pittsburgh Schools Look to Make More Budget Cuts

If you had any question that the budget cuts to education would hurt local students, we hope our posts by now have convinced you otherwise. But if you’re not convinced, today you can look to Pittsburgh’s public schools, which are … More after the jump

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