Former Mellow Consultant Testifies Before Grand Jury

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Ed Mitchell, a political consultant to former state Sen. Bob Mellow, testified before a federal grand jury this week in connection with Mellow’s political corruption case.

Mr. Mitchell is the latest in a string of witnesses in the Mellow investigation who have appeared before the grand jury. It is investigating possible extortion, money laundering, fraud and related offenses involving Mr. Mellow.

The federal government’s interest in Mr. Mellow surfaced 13 months ago when FBI and IRS agents raided Mr. Mellow’s home and office and carted off boxes of paperwork.

But the reason for the raids did not surface until February when glimpses of the federal probe were revealed in an opinion filed by the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia.

Without providing any details, the court revealed that Mr. Mellow is “being investigated for federal-program theft, extortion, fraud and money laundering.” The court also revealed that besides seizing documents the federal agents made copies of Mr. Mellow’s hard drives.

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