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Surprise! A Republican Wants to Privatize Philly Airport

Sam Katz, the Republican who couldn’t become mayor (3 times) so he was appointed by Corbett to control Philly’s dire financial situation, thinks that the city should sell off essential municipal services in order to pay its bills. First on … More after the jump

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Amid Budget Crisis, Boscola Looks for Property Tax Reductions

Despite drastic budget cuts to schools, social services, and local governments, Senator Lisa Boscola is trying to divert revenue from gambling taxes to fund property tax refunds. The refunds were promised as part of the gaming legislation originally passed under … More after the jump

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VIDEO: Toomey Revives His Crazy-ass Debt Plan

Crazy fiscal hawk Senator Pat Toomey is trying to insert himself into the debt ceiling negotiations by bringing back his crazyass plan to *purposely* hit the debt ceiling, then just stop paying current bills so we can pay off debt. … More after the jump

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MISSING 6 YEARS: Is This Man District Attorney Ray Gricar?

UPDATE: Police say the man jailed in Utah is not missing DA Ray Gricar. Six years ago, we followed the search for Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar (pictured top left), who went missing in April 2005 and was never … More after the jump

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Bloopers Highlight Fracking Commission’s Internal Debate

To my mind, the recommendations rejected by the Tom Corbett’s Marcellus Shale Commission are much more interesting that those that were approved. Robert Swift at the Times-Tribune has a good piece summarizing the more interesting findings:

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Treasurer Rob McCord Bolsters His Public Voice

State Treasurer Rob McCord thinks Tom Corbett is governing by talking point, and he’s not afraid to say so publicly. The Democrat says that Corbett spends too much time listening to lobbyists and not enough time listening to the people. … More after the jump

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ACTION ALERT: Tell Your Congressperson to Act on Debt Ceiling

President Obama laid out a clear case last night that the time to act on the debt ceiling is NOW. Here’s how you can act: Call the US Capitol at 202-224-3121 and ask for your Senator or Representative. AND visit … More after the jump

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Dent’s Fake Debt Ceiling Plan

Charlie Dent gives us about 10 paragraphs of throat-clearing and 1 paragraph of something that could be interpreted as a policy recommendation. He says it is an “intermediate” approach. Actually it is Cut, Cap and Balance worded in a different … More after the jump

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20 Year Old Worker Dies at Fracking Site

A young worker was killed on Friday morning on a fracking site in Greene County. The Associated Press reports that the coroner is conducting an autopsy to determine the cause of death, but rumors are that the man may have … More after the jump

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Trooper Gives Wife of Pol a Lift Home from Drunk Tank

We don’t like to write about the families of politicians – it’s a bit crude and shouldn’t impact the important policy debates of the Commonwealth. The exception, of course, is when power and influence is used to help family members. … More after the jump

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