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Wine Kiosks Losing $1.1 Million for State

A bad idea from the beginning… …the audit also found that the machines never lived up to the goal of making it more convenient for customers to buy wine, nor did they deliver on the promise of making money for … More after the jump

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Right-Wingers Want to Stop “Invasion” of Immigrants

I get upset when I see this reported without counterpoint: More than a dozen proposals aimed to halt what state House Republican Daryl Metcalfe calls the “invasion” of illegal immigrants are under discussion in Harrisburg. One of the measures allows … More after the jump

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Phillies Make “It Gets Better” Video

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Less Fracking Jobs Than Expected, Money Leaking Out of State

Even though the numbers are big, there are less fracking jobs than the industry predicted, and less wealth staying in Pennsylvania. It’s called “leaking” by economists – where money looks like it’s benefiting one area but is actually moving elsewhere. … More after the jump

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State Sen. Jane Orie Charged With Perjury and Tampering

Queue George Bluth… “And that’s why you don’t lie to the police…” The charges against Ms. Orie, R-McCandless, include five felony perjury counts, 6 tampering with evidence charges as well as obstruction of law and forgery counts.

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Unemployment Rate Creeps Up in Lehigh Valley, Scranton

We need our elected officials to be focused on jobs, not deficits. Are we allowed to say we’re back in a recession? The Lehigh Valley’s unemployment rate crept up in July for the third straight month, with sluggish job growth … More after the jump

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Red Light Cameras Are a Progressive Way to Raise Revenue

The number of traffic deaths in the US is way too high, so I’m inclined to support the Transportation Funding Advisory Commission’s recommendation to install red light cameras. Here’s Jon Schmitz at the Post-Gazette: Currently, only Philadelphia is allowed to … More after the jump

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Transgender Woman Being Moved to Men’s Prison After Assault

After being harassed and assaulted in the Riverside Correctional Facility, a transgender woman is being forced to move to a men’s prison to complete her sentence. As usual, the transgendered have no rights: Saldana was charged with several felonies June … More after the jump

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Are Frackers Sucking PA’s Creeks Dry?

Yet another reason to dislike fracking: The commission allows drillers to withdraw up to 98 million gallons per day at 142 locations, though in reality, the industry uses far less than what it is allowed, the SRBC says. The permitted … More after the jump

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Philly Food Bucks Get Food Stamps to Farmers’ Markets

Like most large cities (and many small ones), Philly is plagued by “food deserts,” or pockets of the city where it’s tough to get healthy food. These deserts are usually in poorer areas of the community, making it harder for … More after the jump

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