Abused Transgender Teen Reaches Settlement With Philly

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Very sad story – is this justice? Does justice exist in this case?

According to Lambda Legal, a Family Court judge ordered the Department of Human Services in February 2008 to provide L.P. with all appropriate medical treatment for gender identity disorder, including hormone therapy, and mandated that her female gender identity be respected. However, Youth Study Center staff and administrators failed to treat the girl in accordance with her female identity. They refused to refer to her by her preferred female name or use female pronouns. Staff also refused her access to clothing and grooming options that matched her gender identity and reprimanded her for acting in a feminine manner. When she asked to be referred to by her preferred female name, a staffer told her, “You ain’t no fucking female, you are a dude. … Till you get your dick cut off, I’m not going to call you [by your female name].”

In addition, center staff subjected the girl to ridicule and cruel and degrading treatment and allowed abuse by residents on a daily basis. She says she endured verbal harassment, including slurs such as “You’re a faggot,” “Wanna-be-girl,” “You are not a girl,” and “You will never be a girl.” On several occasions the verbal harassment escalated to physical attacks.
The complaint was filed in October 2009, arguing that the center (operated by the Department of Human Services) had violated the Philadelphia Fair Practices Ordinance because L.P. was harassed and discriminated against on the basis of her actual and/or perceived gender identity, sexual orientation, sex, and disability.

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3 Responses to Abused Transgender Teen Reaches Settlement With Philly

  1. Two years! It took TWO years!!!! What is this Youth Study Center anyway? Do they make residents wear pink triangles on their clothing, as well? Oh, and this is not a :gender identity disorder"…..it's biology. Genetics. Actual science. Sometimes I wonder what century we're living in! Her family needs to seek stiff civil remedies. It's not justice, but it is how civilized people seek vengeance.

  2. haviomally says:

    When are people going to learn (never of course) that a person's "sex" is a triad of genitalia+ hormones. Without tipping hormones in favor of estrogen or testosterone, genitalia would merely serve for vacating the bladder. Yes, we who are pre-op (the price of surgery is equivalent to the cost of a new automobile) do not delude ourselves that we are in a hopefully temporary "hybrid" state until such time that we can afford a new "automobile" cash or charge which of course is beyond the immediate reach of many—whether undergoing a gender transition or not.

    When are people going to learn also that "real" men have no desire to become women—except for sexual fantasy on occasion which hey….if it works for some….it ain't illegal is it? But having an inert "dick" from female hormones causes one to obviously be neither male nor female based on genitalia…HOWEVER….other female characteristics such as breasts, figure, facial characteristics DO result from tipping the balance in favor of female hormones.

    Within society, we don't walk around "nude" like monkeys, apes, or chimpanzees so our genitalia is concealed and is obviously the most private of issues excepting on a "need to know" basis such as medical or incarceration. As we meander our way through life, untold numbers of persons with whom we come in contact are "concealing" genitalia contrary to outward gender appearance, not always due to a gender transition. Amongst us, the most vulnerable in all respects are the elderly and the children….which of course begs the question…

    Who is tasked with hiring those who work in obviously now proven to be so-called "youth centers"? The first requirement is that they be qualified to serve teens who are in a very tender moment, (that we adults obviously survived) and that they be knowledgeable of all the hazards associated with the adolescent stage of life for ALL teens—particularly with an extremely high-risk group such as transgender teens!! Need this really…I mean really need be emphasized? Because it it does, then I wonder if those who work in these "youth centers" can also answer the question…."from which horizon does the sun rise?" or "can you draw four lines depicting all four directions—N. S. E. W"?

    Also, don't staff supervisors know that aside from enacted (code) law, case law, there is also specific law….as in when a judge specifically legally enacts a court order such as ordering a teen to receive appropriate medical treatment? I mean this is a violation of Family Code law and undoubtedly HIPAA or some other medical law! It is one thing for "staff" to be ignorant but for now proven to be so-called "administrators"? What the h*ll are they administrating if they are equally ignorant as "staff? Administrating is more than merely supervising employees…

    As a former L.E. officer, what we have here is a violation of criminal (judges orders) law, civil law ( the teens right to transition), and hate speech violations for overt transphobia….period….amongst other violations.

    • haviomally says:

      oops…great comment Julianne! Yes Two "friggin" years….during puberty when it hormones do their best work!!! Whatever settlement was arrived at, I hope it includes damages for withholding hormones during two EXTREMELTY CRUCIAL years when the body is hungry for the right hormones and thus responds best! I am an advocate for pre-puberty gender identity screening of ALL children privately (because we know how parents respond to such an issue–sometimes violently). Practically all stressors that are part of an adult gender transition occur due to post-puberty transition since the body develops natal birth gender/sex characteristics.

      I began my transition at the age of 48 and feel very good at my way, way, after-puberty development—simply stated I always hungered for estrogen since childhood and rejected testosterone (mentally). It goes without saying how much more feminine I would have become physically (although I quickly developed size C's) had I known there was a remedy to gender identity pre-puberty.

      By triad in my comment above I forgot to include inner gender identity…so the triad is (1) genitalia, (2) hormone levels, (3) and most importantly inner gender identity that is present beyong feeling or thought….it is just there.