Ackerman Embattled: Someone Needs to Step Up

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Arlene AckermanPhiladelphia schools chief Arlene Ackerman is on her way out. It’s clear to pretty much everyone that she’s lost the political support she needs to do her job, and by many measures, she’s not very good at it in the first place.

That said, she’s not going without a fight. Despite being cut out of key decisions at PSD and being ignored by the SRC and the Mayor, Dr. Ackerman has said she’s not going anywhere. We don’t believe it. These are the final throes of a leader who can’t accept her fate.

Mayor Nutter and the SRC have so far stayed quiet, but someone needs tell Dr. Ackerman directly that it’s time for her to step aside and allow a leadership change in Philadelphia’s schools. Who has the guts to do it?

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