Defiant Ackerman Dares Bosses to Fire Her

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Arlene AckermanClaiming to let her results speak for her, embattled Philly schools chief Arlene Ackerman dared politicians to fire her, receiving a standing ovation for a speech given yesterday at Lincoln High School.

“Once I understood that being guilty of standing up for children was a good thing, I stood just a little taller, held my head a little higher, and I felt liberated, liberated knowing that whatever happens to me, I have touched the future of thousands of young people in Philadelphia, and for the better,” Ackerman said in a strong, clear voice that she maintained for her speech of about 10 minutes.

That revelation made her do a “happy dance,” she said, and then she led one – swaying, clapping, encouraging her audience to sing along with her to Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes’ “Wake Up Everybody.”

The audience gave Ackerman a standing ovation. She wiped away tears.

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5 Responses to Defiant Ackerman Dares Bosses to Fire Her

  1. Greg Palmer says:

    I think part of her job is working with politicians and coalition-building. She hates that part, but over and over it's the reason she gets run out of town.

    • Ozzy says:

      Apparently not good politician.. Look at our Governor. He gives the budget and he says he can't control what goes on in Philly Schools. Don't you think Ackerman knew that he is incompetent? Sure "now I can control all of them after all I am the Queen." Now THAT is more like an Ackerman saying while she continues to bless the money given to her pocketbook! Blame our Governor and Mayor, they are alike!

      Fear not dear people, elections are coming up. Get your pencils and papers out.

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