Ladies Love Tom; Latest Poll Shows Numbers Boost

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Governor Tom CorbettGovernor Tom Corbett’s approval numbers are rising, and the latest poll shows women are responsible for much of the boost. His ratings among women jumped 7% since the last poll, giving his overall numbers a boost to 44%.

Why do women support him? We have no friggin’ clue, considering that he cut education and healthcare, two issues that often track closely with female support in polling.

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3 Responses to Ladies Love Tom; Latest Poll Shows Numbers Boost

  1. Julieann Wozniak says:

    I certainly don't support this man. His policies are devastating my community. His DEP is an industry tool. I can't wait to vote him out!

  2. Dave says:

    They may be fans of guys with white mops like the Man from Glad or Jim Phelps of the Mission Impossible TV series. Speaking of Mission Impossible, hopefully that will become the situation on him getting reelected. By then voters may realize he gave away our state's forests and natural beauty to his campaign-financing gas buddies. He works for them not us!

  3. Greg Palmer says:

    Yeah I imagined the women who read this site wouldn't really like the Guv. ;-)