Philly City Council: Budget Transparency Good For Everyone Except Us

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Philadelphia City Hall by Flickr user Aby JosePhiladelphia’s City Council thinks budget transparency is great, and annually requests lots of details from every city agency and compiles a big book of expenditures. But don’t ask them how they spend the $22 million it costs to run Council, because they won’t tell you. They’ve got lots of money to blow, though:

A total of $108,254 on flags since 2007, to be exact. That’s some pricey patriotism.

Council members keep a tight lid on how they spend their $15 million annual budget, but a recent Daily News review of city records found that they get enough money to pay for sizable staffing and a wide range of outside expenses. Also, most members still drive city cars and get other perks like travel reimbursements.

The 17-member body doesn’t come cheap. A report earlier this year from the Pew Charitable Trusts’ Philadelphia Research Initiative said Philadelphia’s Council was “comparatively well-paid and well-staffed” when stacked against other cities.

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