“Slow Reader” Corbett Unlikely to Make Early GOP Endorsement

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In the same way that Governor Corbett claims to be a “slow reader” in terms of the Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission’s report, Corbett will also be slow to endorse a GOP Presidential candidate until the field solidifies down to a frontrunner.  In an article last Saturday by Robert Vickers at the Patriot News, Corbett’s strategic reasoning is explained.  Also, Senator Pat Toomey is likely to endorse a presidential candidate while still on the congressional “supercommittee” and in the national news.  As usual, though, it’s all about political posturing for Governor Corporate. 

Aside from a small number of independent state GOP power bases, such as that of former Gov. Tom Ridge, the Pennsylvania Republican Party is largely deferring to Corbett to determine who they’ll support in 2012.

And though there are great rewards for endorsing a winning candidate early, there is the even greater risk of choosing a loser and missing out on the political largess in the winning camp. It’s a risk friends and political advisors to the governor say he’s not willing, or likely, to take.

With Pennsylvania’s primary landing more than two months after February’s heavily persuasive, nine-state Super Tuesday primaries, the governor has no real incentive for endorsing a candidate until there is near certainty of a nominee. He’ll aim to be fashionably late, but ahead of the bandwagon.

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