Surprise! Public Sector Jobs Are Not The Path to Riches

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Talk to a Tea Partier lately and they’ll tell you that public sector workers are coddled and just there for the money… but it’ll come as no surprise to anyone who actually *knows* a public sector worker that it’s not exactly the surest path to wealth.

Check out Third and State for details:

The Economic Policy Institute has a new report out documenting — surprise, surprise — that jobs in Pennsylvania state and local government aren’t the way to get rich.

The report, authored by Rutgers University labor and employment relations Professor Jeffrey Keefe, shows that Pennsylvania public-sector workers make the same or slightly less in wages plus benefits than comparable Pennsylvania private-sector workers. The more-generous benefits of public-sector workers are balanced by lower wages and salaries.

We weren’t very surprised by this result. We had made similar observations earlier this year.

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