Where in the World is Arlene Ackerman?

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Arlene Ackerman doesn’t show up at school board meetings, conferences, or anywhere else anymore. This is as clear a sign as any that she plans to step down. The sooner the better, Arlene.

Assistant Superintendent Penny Nixon read a statement from Ackerman that said in part: “Three years ago I was blessed to be chosen to lead the eighth-largest school district in this country. It has been my honor. Although I could not be with you all today due to circumstances beyond my control, know that I am with you in spirit.”

District spokeswoman Jamilah Fraser would not say why Ackerman missed Tuesday’s ceremony, but said Ackerman appeared at many events this summer.

“The events that she’s been able to go to that have been in her control, she’s been able to go to,” Fraser said. “When she’s able to go, she does go.”

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