Who Paid Off Arlene to Exit Philly’s Schools?

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$405,000 of Dr. Arlene Ackerman’s whopping $900,000 buyout to exit her position as Philadelphia schools superintendent came from private donors… but who were they? Let us know what you think in the comments…

JB: Well, since nobody knows, I’ll just make this up. You got this non-profit Philadelphia’s Children First Fund where The Queen’s cash got laundered and whose board includes, ta da, soda-bottling magnate Harold Honickman. He shows up annually on Forbes lists of the richest Philadelphians AND he recently ducked that whole soda tax thing. A little “thank you” to the mayor? I figure he’s good for at least 100k.

BE: Makes sense. Who else?

JB: Follow the money. How about Mary Alice Dorrance Malone, granddaughter of the Campbell Soup founder? She’s rated richest in the region. Something like $2.2 billion. She wouldn’t miss 100K.

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