Abused By 2 Priests and a Teacher, “Billy’s” Life Ruined

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This is unconscionable. How will Archbishop Chaput choose to deal with this?

“My whole personality changed” after being molested and raped by men he feared and trusted, he said. “I turned into a loner.”

The pain and shame, “I buried it with drugs.”

Billy’s story, unfolding in his own words for the first time, comes from a 63-page transcript of his grand jury appearance – a normally secret document released last week. Prosecutors introduced the testimony he gave under oath in the criminal case alleging that Billy was targeted and then shared like a sexual plaything by the Rev. Charles Engelhardt, the Rev. Edward Avery, and teacher Bernard Shero.

All three men maintain they are innocent. Their lawyers cannot comment because of a gag order on all participants.

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