Donors Back Out of Ackerman Buyout

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Arlene AckermanPrivate donors who said they’d pony up $405,000 to kick former Philadelphia schools superintendent Arlene Ackerman to the curb have backed out of the deal, according to the Inquirer. Instead, taxpayers have paid the entire $905,000 bill, plus $83,000 for unused vacation and sick time.

Dr. Ackerman sure knows how to fall upwards… at the cost of a bunch of teachers’ salaries.

“We . . . believe that it is a better use of the School District’s resources to focus our time and energy on ensuring that this school year is as successful as possible,” the SRC statement said.

Officials declined to be specific on how much in donations was raised or who had contributed.

They blamed the plan’s failure on public pressure against keeping the donors anonymous. State Auditor General Jack Wagner notified the district by letter last week that his office was auditing the buyout agreement. Among the objectives was to uncover the identities of the donors.

There was widespread speculation last week that one or more of the donors had backed out due to public scrutiny and pressure to uncover their identities. A local attorney had written to the IRS asking for an investigation of the private donations to the nonprofit.

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