Gambling Foe Charlie Dent’s Family Will Benefit from Sands Events Center

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*Headline edited for clarity

As recently as 2006, Charlie Dent was saying the Sands casino would only bring misery to Bethlehem, and a “negative redistribution of wealth”:

“I voted against the state’s gambling law as a member of the state Senate because I considered it an abomination, perhaps the worst law I saw enacted in 14 years of state service. I oppose casino gambling anywhere in Pennsylvania. Casino gambling represents poor public policy because it creates a negative redistribution of wealth from low-to-moderate income individuals to rich investors, and creates little of lasting value.”

In 2011, that position seems to be long forgotten. Today Mr. Dent is appearing at a celebration for Sands Casino, marking the construction of the Sands Event Center. He also appeared at theĀ grand opening of the Sands hotel.

What changed?

Maybe he has come to believe his state Senate vote was mistaken.

Maybe he doesn’t think he was wrong, but wants the credit anyway. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time a politician parachuted in at the last minute to be photographed cutting the ribbon for a project he voted against.

The most interesting possibility is that Mr. Dent has changed his view becauseĀ he his family stands to reap a substantial private benefit from the construction of the events center.

Serfass Construction Company, Mr. Dent’s wife’s family business, got the contract to construct the event center.

That whole “negative redistribution of wealth” issue probably seems a lot less pressing when the wealth in question is being redistributed to the Congressman’s own family.

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2 Responses to Gambling Foe Charlie Dent’s Family Will Benefit from Sands Events Center

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  2. Phillip Carstairs says:

    Jon, you charge that Charlie stands to reap a "substantial private benefit." What is your proof of your charge?