Harrisburg In Danger of Being Taken Over By State

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If you think it’s poorly managed now, just wait ’til Corbett gets his hands on Harrisburg:

This city of 50,000 may not be able to make a $3.3 million bond payment that is due to lenders by midweek. It’s part of the $300 million that is owed for several refinancings of funds borrowed over the years to fix a faulty municipal trash incinerator, which has had many problems…

The seven-member city council, which also has bickered with Thompson, has twice rejected financial bailout plans, angering Gov. Corbett and Republicans who run the Legislature. One plan – 400 pages long, developed by state consultants under Act 47 of 1987 – was voted down 4-3 in July. Thompson then revised that plan, and even though it had support from Corbett, council rejected it 10 days ago on an identical vote.

Harrisburg finances “are a mess,” said longtime political observer G. Terry Madonna of Franklin and Marshall College.

“It’s definitely a serious situation,” said Rep. Glen Grell (R., Cumberland), whose suburban Harrisburg district lies just west of the capital. He is preparing one of two measures aimed at giving the state greater control over the city’s finances.

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