Latest Whip Count Says Pileggi’s Electoral Vote Plan May Bust

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Is Dominic Pileggi’s Electoral College scheme about to go bust? It looks like only 4 more House Republican votes are needed to doom this thing:

The rank-and-file in the PA House GOP has begun to come out against Senate Majority Leader Pileggi’s proposal to split Pennsylvania’s electoral votes. Keep PA Relevant has noted seven Republican members of the House who have expressed opposition in some form or another to the proposal, to only three who have come out in favor. Only eleven Republican no votes are required to defeat the plan, assuming Democrats are united in opposition.

Keep PA Relevant has a whipcount going. If you’re in a Republican district, go see what your Senate and House reps have been saying.

If they haven’t gone on the record with a position, why not call and ask their staff how they’re going to vote?

This is probably the most high-impact thing you can do right now to help reelect Barack Obama and Bob Casey next November.

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