PA Lost More Than 14,000 School Jobs

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Budget cuts and tax shortfalls caused over 14,000 school jobs to be lost in PA, says a new survey. The losses mean more people out of work while kids have larger class sizes with less attention paid to their education.

“Since the survey was conducted in mid- to late August, we believe the furlough numbers reflect the actual number of teachers furloughed,” said Jim Buckheit, executive director of the state Association of School Administrators. “Any recalls would be relatively few.”

State Education Secretary Ron Tomalis could not be reached Thursday for comment. However, in past interviews with The Morning Call, he said the education job cuts were not Gov. Tom Corbett’s fault.
Tomalis said Corbett inherited a $4 billion budget deficit, driven partly by unsustainable increases in public education spending by former Gov. Ed Rendell, who used federal stimulus money to augment his budgets.

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3 Responses to PA Lost More Than 14,000 School Jobs

  1. But government doesn't create jobs, if you buy into Tea Party dogma. So those obviously don't count in Bizarro World

  2. Van Dine says:

    and 45% of PSEA members voted Republican in the Governors election. hmmmmmmm

    • The President of my local EA said those teachers voted where they live, not their job. They ignored PSEA’s recommendation to vote for Onorato, and I bet they’re sorry now!