Raja Releases Transit Plan for Allegheny County

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In the ongoing battle between two candidates who agree on everything, Allegheny County Executive candidate D. Raja released his transit plan. His Democratic opponent Rich Fitzgerald agrees with pretty much all of it.

D. Raja held his fifth policy announcement of the county executive campaign — three more are on the way — on transit. The Republican’s news release said the “plan shows the stark contrast between me and my opponent,” but on the Port Authority, the aiport and other issues there are few differences between him and Democrat Rich Fitzgerald.

The plan — which can be viewed in full here — calls for addressing the Port Authority’s bloated employee legacy/pension costs, pushing for changes to state transit funding, converting the public bus fleet to natural gas and making investments to the airport corridor using (if the FAA approves) Marcellus Shale lease revenues. Fitzgerald supports the same things.

Raja said he would be more successful than current exec Dan Onorato at negotating with the transit union, while signaling Fitzgerald is too chummy with them. (The Democrat is “beholden to special interest groups,” Raja said.)

Hey, what’s Raja’s first name? He only ever says “D.” Just curious.

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7 Responses to Raja Releases Transit Plan for Allegheny County

  1. jon says:

    Raja only has one name – that is a custom in India. The D. is his fathers initial.

  2. Kahan Gill says:

    and you know this how, im Indian and failed to ever hear about the custom to only one name. Please let me and everyone how little you really know. His wife and kids have first names but it is custom to Indians and he is he only one that does not have one.

    • Greg Palmer says:

      That's a good point. I was a little too fast to let that other comment slide because I thought I was just ignorant, but I've never heard of that tradition.

  3. F. Weiss says:

    Does either candidate have plans to bring back bus service to towns in Allegheny County whose PAT Service was eliminated in March 2011?

  4. J. Doe says:

    His name is "D. Raja" but he's only got one name as is "Indian custom" huh? He's not even elected yet and he's already telling us lies. At least wait until you're in office to screw over the public.

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