Toomey Rejects Obama Deficit Plan

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Pat ToomeyI’m surprised he even had time to read it, but Pat Toomey has already rejected the President’s plan to reduce the deficit. Our esteemed Senator won’t accept a millionaire’s tax designed to make sure the most fortunate among us pay their fair share. Glad they put him on the Supercommittee… Toomey’s statement:

As a member of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, I welcome President Obama putting some ideas on the table and his overall goal of cutting the federal deficit. It is reassuring to hear that the president recognizes that we have a severe debt problem in this country, and I’m sure that the Select Committee will consider his proposals among many others.

However, I am concerned that his deficit reduction strategy sometimes seems more defined by political posturing, such as recycling tax hikes that even lawmakers in his own party have publicly opposed. With the Select Committee’s deadline looming, we do not have time to waste on political games and pushing big tax increases that will only make our economy weaker for all Americans. I remain firmly committed to working with my fellow members of the Select Committee to produce a proposal that reduces our deficits and encourages economic growth and job creation.

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One Response to Toomey Rejects Obama Deficit Plan

  1. John English says:

    Pat Toomey is against Pennsylvanians! He's not looking out for us, only the rich. Any support he offers or position against an idea is totally based in his own fiction. I wrote him requesting his support for the American Jobs Act.

    His staff wrote back and said that he couldn't support it because the earlier stimulus had failed to yield jobs and he was looking to do something unnamed, but different. His position completely ignores the CBO findings that the stimulus decreased unemployment and created some jobs.

    Its an embarrassment being a Pennsylvanian and being represented by this ilk–first there was Santorum and now Toomey with his alternative reality of supply side economics. How does Pennsylvania continue to elect these people?