What to Read on The PA Electoral College Debacle

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It’s getting hard to keep up with all the news on the Pileggi plan. Here’s some good reads. Feel free to email us with any other good pieces I may have missed.

College Prank: Why Pennsylvania’s plan to reform the Electoral College is doomed. (Dave Weigel)

Pennsylvania Republicans Shouldn’t Toy with the Electoral College (Jeffrey Anderson at the fucking Weekly Standard!)

GOP games in Pennsylvania are an outrage (Jonathan Bernstein)

Added Points on the PA Electoral College Scheme (Jonathan Bernstein)

Mind Reading and the District Plan (Jonathan Bernstein)

Republican State Legislators Can Win The 2012 Election Tomorrow If They Want To (Matthew Yglesias

Pennsylvania GOP Plan To Split State’s Electoral Votes Could Endanger…Republicans? (Eric Kleefield)

GOP Attack on PA Democracy (Daylin Leach op-ed)

Ed Rendell on Rachel Maddow

Spread this stuff around! The longer this stays in the national news, the more unpopular it will be, and the tougher it will be for marginal Republicans to vote for it. We only need 6 Senate Republicans or 11 House Republicans to vote against this to kill it.

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