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Republicans Believe Government Spending Creates Jobs in Their Districts

Aamer Madhani at USA Today has a pretty brutal hit on Tim Murphy for his hypocrisy on federal loan guarantees:

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Pennsylvania Shows Death Penalty Is Completely Flawed

These reversal numbers are staggering. Out of 391 capital convictions since 1976, 125 have been reversed or sent back for new hearings. It’s some of the best evidence I’ve seen that convinces me the death penalty needs to be abolished. … More after the jump

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FBI File Reveals Murtha’s Dark Side

I don’t like to speak ill of the dead, but it’s important to know how politicians act when we’re not looking. In a memo dated June 19, 2009, FBI field agents requested the bureau “open a full public corruption investigation” … More after the jump

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Vouchers Are Designed to Eliminate Public Schools

The Right is really really good at playing the long game and executing small steps to get there. Don’t be fooled by seemingly harmless small steps. For an example, school vouchers: “This has nothing to do with helping the poor … More after the jump

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Corbett’s Key Initiatives Are On the Rocks

What’s Tom Corbett done for us this year? There’s not much of a record to look at. Most of his key initiatives have either failed or stalled, despite the Republican-held legislature. Regardless of whether you support these initiatives, it’s sad … More after the jump

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Fitzgerald and Raja Fight Gets Dirty, Stays Dirty

This is the sort of campaigning that I just detest, and we usually avoid reporting on the bullshit as a result. But gosh this campaign has gotten nasty. Rich to Raja: The evidence submitted in Raja’s lawsuits against his own … More after the jump

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Wagner Calls for Infrastructure/Bridge Upgrades

He’s right, of course. We’ve neglected our infrastructure and bridges for far too long, and the consequence is that now we have an even bigger bill to pay. Democratic Auditor General Jack Wagner said Tuesday that rebuilding the state’s transportation … More after the jump

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Corbett Report Says PA Should Privatize Liquor Stores

Y’all know I have mixed opinions on this. I don’t like the state stores, personally, but I also don’t want this to be just union-busting in disguise. When it comes to the future of Pennsylvania’s wine and liquor stores, one … More after the jump

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Philly Mayoral Candidate Calls for Less Police, More Teachers

Love the sentiment of this, but not sure how realistic it is. Should politics be about realism, or our hopes/dreams, or a mix of both? Philadelphia voters who go to the polls next month will find an independent candidate on … More after the jump

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No Decline in Voter Support for Alcohol Reform

Jake wants to say that the UFCW has turned the political tide against liquor privatization, but where is the evidence that the tide has turned?

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