Antigay IUP Professor Has History of Bullying Students

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Indiana University of PA - IUPI’m always torn when it comes to these stories. I was bullied, so I know that it can be terrible. But if we want to respect a diversity of opinions, doesn’t that include those people who think people like me will burn in Hell?

In any case, people in positions of power, like professors, shouldn’t be preaching intolerance in their classroom. The professor, who remains unnamed (though I’m unsure why at this point), has a long history of belittling LGBT students.

Alum Michael Heller, who is gay told KDKA News that he faced the same professor five years ago who said, “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, and that being gay was an abomination.” Heller said the professor added that “anybody that was gay was going to burn in hell, and that’s what they deserved.”

Heller said the situation in the classroom drove him to walk out of the room in tears. He complained to IUP’s administrators, but he said he’s frustrated that the problem persists for students years later.

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One Response to Antigay IUP Professor Has History of Bullying Students

  1. I had a similarly-minded professor at WVU at the dawn of the culture wars. I always aced my English classes, but this jerk wouldn't give me better than a C. He hated assertive women and I suspect that my pride in my Slavic ancestry made his head spin round on his neck. Sviniar. Mudak.

    Of course, this is chump change schoolyard stuff in comparison to the knuckle-dragging hatred based on sexual orientation. This form of bigotry usually leads to violence when it is espoused by an authority figure. Academic freedom does not give one the right to fire up a mob's lynch mob mentality.