Harrisburg Files for Bankruptcy

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Do the Wall Street wizards who engineered this disaster still get paid? I’m betting yes.

The filing — which listed debts in excess of $400 million, largely associated with a failed trash incinerator — pitched the city into political confusion. A spokesman for Mayor Linda Thompson initially said the filing had not been made. Ms. Thompson later held a new conference denouncing the move as “a sneak attack,” according to The Associated Press.

The Council’s decision came Tuesday night in a 4-to-3 vote. Immediately after, a lawyer for the Council faxed a petition for Chapter 9 bankruptcy to the United States Bankruptcy Court and filed it in person at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

The petition was called into doubt almost as soon as it was filed. A spokesman for Governor Corbett, Kelli Roberts, said the filing violated the state’s fiscal code, which was amended this year to bar cities like Harrisburg from filing for Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

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One Response to Harrisburg Files for Bankruptcy

  1. One might argue that Harrisburg is morally bankrupt. Seriously, instead of squabbling amongst themselves, as is normal, if tediously juvenile for pols, the kids should be working on some solutions. the root of the city's financial problems is that giant piece of pork, the incinerator. Start there.