Perzel: I Committed Crimes, But So Did Everyone Else

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Normally I’d blanche at that, but it doesn’t sound like he’s using it as an excuse, just an explanation of how pervasive the culture of corruption is in Harrisburg.

He even took the blame for the scheme once or twice, admitting it was his vision to use pricey technology to win elections – technology paid for by the public.

I know now I committed a crime,” Perzel, 61, told the jury of six men and six women.

But he did not do it alone, he testified. Perzel alleged that it was no secret in top House Republican circles that taxpayer money was being used to buy sophisticated computer programs that were then used to help GOP candidates win campaigns.

“Everyone knew,” he said, adding later: “The management people, the people at the top of the hierarchy knew . . . . Everyone crossed the line.”

Perzel was initially charged with nine others in the case, but he pleaded guilty in late August to conspiracy and other charges.

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