Philly Mayoral Candidate Calls for Less Police, More Teachers

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Love the sentiment of this, but not sure how realistic it is. Should politics be about realism, or our hopes/dreams, or a mix of both?

Philadelphia voters who go to the polls next month will find an independent candidate on the ballot for mayor – Wali “Diop” Rahman, a 34-year-old activist pushing for a major shift in city spending priorities, taking dollars away from law enforcement to spend more on education and community development.

“Right now the city’s fundamental policy is that of police containment,” said Rahman, an organizer for the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, which promotes efforts by the African American community to control its own institutions, including schools, police, health care, and housing.

He is an outspoken opponent of the Nutter administration’s stop-and-frisk policy and juvenile curfew, and he has been organizing protests for years.

He has a knack for getting attention – by heckling candidate Barack Obama on the 2008 presidential campaign trail, for scuffling with police inside City Council chambers in 2009, and by landing a prime half-hour television platform on NBC10 last night.

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