Transgender Shelter to Open in Philly

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PA LGBT RightsThis is good news. Transgender people are often turned away and shunned by much of society. It’s good to know that Philadelphia will have a safe space for them.

When Jaden Hensley visited the Appletree Center homeless intake center on Cherry Street seeking shelter one September night, the transgender man found yet another place that he didn’t fit in.

“We don’t take transgenders,” a security guard told Hensley, he recalls. A city spokesman said there’s no such provision…

Hensley’s encounter may soon end with the  creation of the Morris Home. The city-funded shelter will be the first to offer comprehensive health services specifically for the transgender community.

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2 Responses to Transgender Shelter to Open in Philly

  1. Cool idea. Wonder if it could spread across PA and the nation? I'd utterly hate being transgender, homeless, and a citizen of a state like Mississippi, which isn't that far removed from armed lynch mobs.

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