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Police and Protestors Clash as Occupy Philadelphia is Ousted

Police pursued and clashed with Occupy Philadelphia protestors late into the night as the protestors moved throughout Center City to alternately avoid arrest and confront police… But tension grew after 3 a.m. Protesters crashed through metal barriers erected at Broad … More after the jump

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Why PA Republicans Hate the Electoral College

A new CAP report by Ruy Teixeira and John Halpin looks at how Obama can get to 270 electoral votes with a “coalition of the ascendant” – minorities and college-educated white voters.

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Bond Buyer Looks at Municipal Consolidation in NJ

Paul Burton at Bond Buyer has a favorable take on municipal consolidation in Princeton:

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What to Watch In the Health Insurance Exchange Debate

Despite his unsupportable belief that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional, Tom Corbett has decided to proceed with a state-based health insurance exchange.

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How Not to Report on Pat Toomey

Just to reset expectations a bit for Pat Toomey, some of the news analysis is putting too much emphasis on Toomey’s nominal status as a freshman Senator.

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Despite Deadline Passing, Occupy Philadelphia Continues

Philadelphia police did not evict Occupy Philadelphia protestors at 5pm on Sunday as originally planned, but are refusing to say why, or when the much-publicized eviction might actually occur. For now, Occupy Philadelphia is staying put in Dilworth Plaza outside … More after the jump

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Occupy Philadelphia Prepares for Showdown

As Mayor Nutter and the City prepare to evict protestors from Dilworth Plaza, the protestors are faced with a stark choice – move their protest out of the plaza or face arrest. A 3 p.m. meeting at the United Methodist … More after the jump

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Nutter: Occupy Philly Must Un-Occupy By 5pm Sunday

This is really disheartening. A liberal mayor of a city that struggles with unemployment and inequality has ordered protestors to leave the area surrounding Philadelphia City Hall, known as Dilworth Plaza. Instead, they can protest across the street as Dilworth … More after the jump

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Going Into Labor: The State of the Unions Series

If you haven’t already, I highly suggest you take the time to read my colleague Jake Sternberger’s series on revitalizing labor unions. In Part 1, Jake looks at the historical significance of unions and their subsequent decline. Part 2 addresses … More after the jump

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Corbett: Electoral College Change Not Happening

Phew. A Republican-sponsored proposal to change how Pennsylvania’s electoral votes are counted in next year’s presidential election appears to be running out of steam. Gov. Corbett, a key supporter of the idea, suggested Monday that it was going nowhere for … More after the jump

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