Fitzgerald Coasts to a Win in Allegheny

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This isn’t much of a surprise. Do you think he’ll be a good county exec?

Rich Fitzgerald easily defeated his Republican challenger, D. Raja, Tuesday in the race to be Allegheny County’s third chief executive.

In a confrontation of two business owners, the former president of county council capitalized on his experience in county government and the Democratic Party’s large registration edge to a lead of roughly 2-to-1. He will succeed incumbent Dan Onorato, the unsuccessful Democratic nominee for governor last year, who chose not to seek a third term.

The winner said the results vindicated the economic policies he has championed alongside Mr. Onorato.

“We’ve turned a corner in this county; we’ve turned a corner in this region,” Mr. Fitzgerald said.

Nice words, but given the unemployment rate, I don’t think that’s true at all.

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