Mayor O’Connor’s Son Wins Pittsburgh Council Seat

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My favorite part of this is that he stands on street corners thanking voters the next day, just like his dad. Not enough politicians are out there doing that.

In his first run for office, Mr. O’Connor was buoyed by pedigree. His father, the popular Bob O’Connor, was a longtime councilman who won the 2005 mayoral election but died of brain cancer months after taking the city’s top post.

Corey O’Connor said he would spend today as his father spent the day after an election: standing on street corners with a sign thanking voters. Mr. O’Connor said he would be at Forbes and Murray avenues in Squirrel Hill this morning and at other locations in the district throughout the day.

Noting his father was elected to council 20 years ago this week, Mr. O’Connor said he felt a “proud Pittsburgher looking down on me” Tuesday. He thanked a cadre of campaign volunteers composed of “my dad’s friends and my friends.”

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