Constituents Get Tough on Barletta

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He sure as heck won’t give his constituents a straight answer:

(Can’t get the YouTube embedding to work, so go here!)

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3 Responses to Constituents Get Tough on Barletta

  1. Wow, they're lucky they obtained even a 30 second audience with His Imperiousness, who thereupon ducked, weaved, and lied through his teeth, in the purest example of a PA pol on the take. People in my corner of Pennsylvania stopped believing the usual song and dance decades ago.

  2. tgb says:

    obviously those people are not from his district. there is high unemployment because you can collect for two years. when this lagress does stop you will mysteriously see the unemployment rate fall as these young single people with little financial responsibility go back to work. who would not want a two year vacation. i can not blame them for taking advantage of this welfare program. what i find is there is a shortage of skills ready people. maybe no one should be allowed to quit school and we would have entry level people who could read , write, and do simple math.

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