Harrisburg Democrats Selling Out, Whipping Votes for GOP’s Gerrymandered Map

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House Republicans do not have the votes to pass their own partisan map. So why are Democrats helping them? Tell your Reps and Senators NOT to pass this map!

Now it seems that House Republicans don’t have the support to pass a map drafted by Republicans that appearsĀ to protect GOP incumbants and snag several Democratic seats along the way.

Arm twisting was underway late last week with Philadelphia Democratic City Committee Chairman and U.S. Rep. Bob Brady, D-Philadelphia, calling Democratic state House members from the Philadelphia delegation, asking for a vote for the congressional redistricting plan, according to Capitolwire news service.

Brady and U.S. Rep. Mike Doyle, D-Allegheny, in exchange for concessions in that map that helped them, said they would round up votes to pass it. And now they were hearing from House Republican leaders in Harrisburg that they needed more votes, because going into this weekend, and today, the map lacks the House votes to pass it.

The way Capitolwire’s Peter DeCoursey sees it, two of the four most liberal urban members of the U.S. House are lobbying their fellow urban Democrats to pass a congressional redistricting that masses the largest number of urban Democratic voters into the smallest number of districts.

Why? Because it helps Doyle and Brady – giving Brady more white Democrats along the Delaware river, protecting him against future black primary challenger. (Folks who know how beloved Brady is among African American voters may question that theory but it’s interesting nonetheless.)…

DeCoursey predicts House Rs may need as many as 20 Democrats to pass the bill.

Can’t anybody play this game? If this piece of crap doesn’t have enough Republican votes to pass, let it fail. That’s the kind of headline Democrats need right now. A failed vote would drag this story out and make the Republicans look like amateurs.

Symbolically, it would reinforce the Democrats’ national message that Republicans are putting their political careers ahead of the voters’ interests.

Practically, it would help run out the clock on key Corbett agenda items, and push the Marcellus Shale severance tax debate right into the middle of budget season where it belongs.

Repeat after me: “Republicans can’t even find the votes to pass their own partisan map. They need to go back to the drawing board.” Tell them not to pass this map!

(h/t Amy Worden, via David Nir)

Update: I’m hearing that there are only 4 or 5 House Democrats willing to vote for the GOP map. We need to make sure they don’t get the 20 they need to pass it. Your Democratic House rep needs to hear from you right away. We can kill this thing!

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5 Responses to Harrisburg Democrats Selling Out, Whipping Votes for GOP’s Gerrymandered Map

  1. Joe Michetti says:

    Sell out to the GOP, Still trying to SCREW Joe Sestal in the 7th.
    Need to clean out the machine and vote vote in people with honor

    Joe Michetti

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  3. phillydem says:

    I'm in the new 12th and while it's a ridiculously gerry-mandered district, it does have the benefit of eliminating one nominal, in name only Dem from the delegation – either Altmire or Critz. Who knows, we Dems might even be able to attract a center-left, rather than the Republican-lite choices we have now.

    IMO, the GOP has also made the new 3rd more Dem friendly by including all of Lawrence and Mercer counties.
    I suspect just as in 2000, the state GOP has created more swing districts than it realizes.

  4. Jon Geeting says:

    Who do you hate more – Altmire or Critz? I still can't decide. Altmire has been in longer and has a lot more votes that pissed me off. But I have little doubt that Critz would amass an equally terrible record given enough time.

    • phillydem says:

      I've had a couple chances to speak with Altmire at non-political events he's sponsored. They guy impressed me as being afraid of his own shadow. He hasn't gotten my vote in the past few primaries, but he's always been better than the bat—t crazy Republicans who run against him, so I vote for him in the generals. I don't know anything about Critz except that he was Murtha's chief of staff. At least he has some ties to the current Dem leadership that might make him more inclined to vote with the party on crucial votes. Of the two, I guess I see Critz as having a bit better Dem bona fides than Altmire.

      I actually think a center-left. populist type could win this district. I'd love to see Mark Single give it a shot.