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36 House Democrats Need a Primary

People disagree about what all a political party is supposed to do, but at base, there is one core goal that binds all of its members together: electing members of the party to public office.

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Harrisburg Democrats Selling Out, Whipping Votes for GOP’s Gerrymandered Map

House Republicans do not have the votes to pass their own partisan map. So why are Democrats helping them? Tell your Reps and Senators NOT to pass this map!

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Mike Sturla on the Blooper Reel That Is Republican Governance

Rep. Mike Sturla has a nice year-end listicle, enumerating the Top 11 indignities of life under Republican control of Harrisburg.

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Turzai: Republicans Don’t Care About Passing a Fracking Tax

It looks like the votes aren’t there for Harrisburg Republicans to pass any kind of fracking tax.

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House Committee Wants to Make PA’s Alcohol Laws More Insane

Good thing everybody seems to hate the gutted liquor privatization bill, because this thing is a mess. It’s time to start from scratch.

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FIGHT The Latest Redistricting Plan – Tell Your Reps NO

Use the Keystone Politics Action Center to send your Representative and Senator a message telling them to reject the latest redistricting plan and keep communities together. Tell the cronies in Harrisburg that enough is enough.

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Ridiculous Redistricting Plan Breaks Up Communities Across PA

Is Easton part of the Lehigh Valley? Not anymore, according to the latest redistricting plan unveiled by Republicans in Harrisburg. They’ve carved the entire state up into an unrecognizable mish-mosh of political districts to gain an advantage in the next … More after the jump

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Why You Can’t Buy Beer in PA Supermarkets

Scott Kraus does the liquor privatization debate a huge favor with this article on the politics of liberalizing PA’s beer laws.

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On Sandusky Reports, Did Corbett Look The Other Way?

Chris Freind makes some good points about Governor Corbett and the Jerry Sandusky scandal. What did Corbett know, when did he know it, and why didn’t he act to stop the rape of children? For better or worse, Corbett has … More after the jump

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GOP Candidates Debate for the Elite

Daniel Denvir has a great post about the GOP candidates debating at Pennsylvania Society weekend, which I happen to agree is silly. Seven Republicans who want to take on Democratic Senator Bob Casey faced off at a debate at the … More after the jump

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