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Why Oh Why Can’t We Have a Better PA Democratic Party?

John Micek points out that our Democratic leaders suck at politics:

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What PA Women Think of Obama and Romney

Nice catch from Karen Langley:

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Taxing Fracking Is Better Than Taxing Everything Else

Scott Detrow posts this chart from the US Energy Information Agency, showing growth projections for different kinds of domestic gas production. As you can see, Shale gas is expected to more than double its current share:

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PBPC Puts a Human Face on Budget Cuts

Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center recently launched a new series that’s worth your time, looking at how individuals have been coping with 5 years of brutal public service cuts.

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State GOP Thumbs Its Nose At the Base, Endorses Steve Welch

If I were a Republican Party activist, I’d also be pretty ticked about the state Party endorsing Steve Welch.

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Corbett Administration Applies for Federal Funds to Create Obamacare Insurance Exchanges

Tim Darragh says that Tom Corbett’s administration has applied for federal funds to create the state health insurance exchange established by the Affordable Care Act:

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PA Game Commission Created a Black Market for Porcupine Meat

Amy Worden has my favorite story of 2012 so far: After lifting a ban on porcupine hunting, the Pennsylvania Game Commission ran into a thorny problem: reports of a new black market for the rodents’ meat in Southeast Asia. Intelligence reports … More after the jump

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Councilwoman Brown: Extend Bar Hours to 3AM to Help Fund Public Schools

Philly Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds-Brown is making sense:

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Vote Count for Fracking Impact Fee Just Got Tougher

Bad news for the Republicans’ “impact fee” on fracking:

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Why Not Eliminate the State House Altogether?

Eric Boehm says there’s some life in the movement to shrink the state House from 203 members to 153 members:

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