Ex-Corbett Advisor Thinks You Should Try More Semen

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Hoo-boy! Robert Patterson is one crazy asshole:

In last year’s spring issue of the journal, Patterson co-authored a piece summarizing and reviewing recent studies related to families.

Among them: a recent study suggesting condom use robs a woman of “remarkable” chemicals found in semen that have been shown to elevate mood and self-esteem.

What’s more, the study found that “semen-exposed women” perform better on concentration and cognitive tasks, Patterson reported.

He also referenced a 2004 study that suggested birth-control pills weakened a woman’s “natural sense of attraction to men who would be a good biological match and enable her to conceive easily and bear healthy children.”

And should the “pill-popping young lady” go off the pill, she may no longer be attracted to the man she chose when she was on it, the study said.

Angela Couloumbis and Amy Worden have much more here, but then be sure to go find out what is “good in this goo.”

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3 Responses to Ex-Corbett Advisor Thinks You Should Try More Semen

  1. Gee, I'm in the middle of menopause. I must be brain dead! And how do we scientifically explain the existence of intellectually challenged male pollies? Low T?

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