Today in Pittsburgh Steelers Opining on Environmental Policy

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A couple days ago we brought you Jerome Bettis endorsing the EPA’s new power plant regs.

Today it’s Troy Polamalu recommending you watch Gasland:

The Steelers strong safety maintains a popular Twitter and Facebook account that sends out movie recommendations every week, in between ticket raffle contests and aphorisms such as, “The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground.”

His movie pick in mid-December: “Gasland,” a popular anti-drilling documentary that’s fueled the “fracktivist” movement against gas development and the fracking technique used in the Marcellus Shale region.

The post — whether just an another example of Mr. Polamalu’s taste for controversial documentaries or an outright political statement — thrust the popular Pittsburgher into one of the most fractious debates to hit the region in a while.

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One Response to Today in Pittsburgh Steelers Opining on Environmental Policy

  1. Well, duh. Asthma, specifically childhood asthma, has long been the charity Mr. Bettis has supported. And let's face it, lung disease is killing a lot of kids in southwestern PA. Mr. Polamalu is a Somoan American, and Somoa has historically been ravaged by poverty and pollution left behind by American business interests following WWII. Somoa, like many Pacific islands is under assault by the rising seas attributable to both guys.

    So, if you're a celeb, the only political causes you're permitted to espouse are those supported by the far right? What happened to the first amendment?