Tom Corbett: People With $2000 Are Too Rich for Food Stamps

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The Corbett administration rolled out a new policy yesterday where people who have $2000 in assets will no longer be eligible for food stamps.

Specifically, the Department of Public Welfare said that as of May 1, people under 60 with more than $2,000 in savings and other assets would no longer be eligible for food stamps. For people over 60, the limit would be $3,250.

Houses and retirement benefits would be exempt from being counted as assets. If a person owns a car, that vehicle also would also be exempt, but any additional vehicle worth more than $4,650 would be considered a countable asset.

Anne Bale, a spokeswoman for DPW, said the asset test was a way to ensure that “people with resources are not taking advantage of the food-stamp program,” funded by federal money.

In addition, Bale said, the test was related to DPW Secretary Gary Alexander’s initiative to reduce waste, fraud, and abuse across all department programs.

So if you’re unemployed, but you’ve got $2000 in savings, you’re not living hand-to-mouth? How’s that?

This really only makes sense if you think “the jobs are there”, as Corbett was mocked for saying during the campaign. Corbett apparently thinks we have sustained 9% unemployment because people are taking a 3-year government-sponsored vacation. In reality, the ratio of jobseekers to jobs is still 4 to 1, so there’s not much unemployed people can do about this.

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3 Responses to Tom Corbett: People With $2000 Are Too Rich for Food Stamps

  1. More savings would be achieved, and in a fairer manner, if Corbett got rid of the diva he put in charge of DPW. Unfortunately, the modern GOP hates poor people and is quite sure they're all up to something nefarious. If you research this odious piece of boilerplate, you'll discover it comes from ALEC, just like all the others. In addition to being 100 percent intellect and compassion free, our Commonwealth's governing body doesn't have an original thought amongst themselves.

  2. xmatman says:

    I think someone is trying to rob the poor to pay Peter and Paul?!

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