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Allyson Schwartz Helping Republicans Kill Critical Health Care Cost Controls

I hope we’ll be hearing a lot more about this from Allyson Schwartz’s primary challenger, Nate Kleinman.

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Chaka Fattah Schools Texas Rep on His Own State’s Voter ID Law


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PA GOP’s Transvaginal Ultrasound Bill Is Now the Most Insane

Randy LoBasso says now that other states have watered down their transvaginal ultrasound bills a little, Pennsylvania’s bill is the most extreme one:

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Thank the Stimulus for Weyerbacher Expansion

The big beer news out of the Lehigh Valley yesterday was that Easton’s Weyerbacher Brewing Company is tripling their capacity after growing at an incredible 34% last year. I see that none of the media accounts bothered to mention that … More after the jump

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Mass Laziness is Not Driving SNAP Enrollment

The story that people on the economic right want to tell about the increase in SNAP enrollment is that we’re experiencing an epidemic of mass laziness. People are taking their good old time getting back to work because we’re offering … More after the jump

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To Reduce Prison Costs, Scrap Mandatory Minimum Sentencing for Drug Crimes

As it appears we are about to have a statewide debate about how to address the exploding cost of corrections, it’s important to keep in mind what’s actually driving the growth in the prison population. From the PA ACLU blog:

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No Apology!

Called it: Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum criticized President Barack Obama’s apology for the burning of Qurans in Afghanistan, adding that Afghanistan should apologize to the U.S. for the deaths of four U.S. soldiers during six days of violence sparked … More after the jump

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Corbett Administration Open to School District Consolidation

Best news I’ve heard all year:

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Commonwealth of the Bible

The Economist’s Democracy in America blog reminds us that Pennsylvania is one of 8 states that officially bans atheists from holding public office.

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Jake Corman Bucks Corbett, Calls for Zero Cuts to Higher Ed

It’s amazing how sensible Republicans can sound when they have a direct district interest in preserving some class of spending:

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