Corbett Budget Leaves $4.8 Billion of Waste Off the Table To Stick It to College Kids

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There’s a lot of low-hanging fruit in the PA budget in terms of waste. A Governor actually concerned with getting rid of real waste could do pretty nice for himself.

PBPC has identified $1.8 billion worth of special tax breaks, handouts and loopholes for the wealthy and business interests. PennFuture identified almost $3 billion worth of tax subsidies to fossil fuel industries. That’s almost $5 billion of pure waste.

But given the choice of cutting all these weak claims – stuff we have no business spending money on even in good times – Tom Corbett chose once again to stick it to weak claimants – people who have strong claims on state spending, but aren’t politically organized enough to fight back.

That’s the real problem with all of the Governor’s budget choices. He didn’t even try to get rid of any of these absurd tax breaks, but focused exclusively on cutting programs important to people who don’t vote for Republicans.

Here are some links to the lowlights of the budget:

Here’s the full text of the speech. Corbett actually seems to believe infantile shit like this: “Business creates jobs where it feels welcome.”

$250 million in cuts to state universities.

John Quigley surveys the damage to the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Eric Boehm says Corbett wants to block grant money to school districts. I kind of like this, but I’ll wait to see a real proposal.

Eric also says Corbett’s punting on transportation. Pathetic.

What else did you notice?

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