Critz Continues the Assault on Altmire

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Two weeks ago today, Congressman Mark Critz sent out an email to his supporters highlighting the various differences he sees between himself and his primary opponent, Congressman Jason Altmire.  This email was considered to be the first real body blow in the fratricidal primary battle engineered by the Great GOP Gerrymander of 2011.  Later, after the deadline for nominating petitions, the Critz campaign challenged 942 of the 1,651 petition signatures that were gathered for Altmire, which would put Altmire well below the 1,000 signatures necessary to appear on the Primary ballot.  The fate of the Primary ballot will be decided at a hearing at Commonwealth Court, which will be held in Pittsburgh at 9:30am on March 2.  In the meantime, Critz has sent out another email to his supporters describing Altmire as “Sean Hannity’s Hero” and asked “Who is the real Jason Altmire?”

There was, however, no mention in the email of the veiled endorsement that Critz received from Miss Pennsylvania 2011.  The full text of the newest email (sent out early this afternoon) is below, with fundraising hyperlinks removed:

Dear Friend:

I can’t think of any figure in the media who is more contemptible than Sean Hannity. He stands for everything I am against. He’s anti-worker and nothing more than a shill for the Tea Party. That’s why I was so shocked that my opponent Jason Altmire was named one of Hannity’s heroes on health care.  We know that Jason goes on Fox News every chance he gets to bash the Democratic Party, but the fact that Hannity views him as a hero says all you need to know about the Altmire record.

You can watch the video here.

It is no secret that I opposed the health care bill, but I sure as heck didn’t cozy up to Fox News to get Sean Hannity’s approval.  However, since coming to Congress I have worked to make it better.  Jason Altmire has consistently voted to repeal and dismantle key components of the new health care reform law that would effectively kill it. If he had his way, the new health care exchanges would not be funded and millions of Americans would continue to go without health care coverage. But Altmire would get to keep the special coverage he gets as a Congressman.

Just last night, Jason Altmire claimed to a Democratic Party audience that he was going to run with President Barack Obama, yet just a few weeks ago he told KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh that he wouldn’t be helping the Obama campaign.  In closed rooms with Democratic activists, he proclaims that he is a loyal Democrat who supports the President, yet when he speaks around the district, he boasts that he opposes the Democratic Party half of the time.

So, who is the real Jason Altmire?

He is Sean Hannity’s hero on much more than health care. Congressional Quarterly reports that he votes with the Republican Party 53 percent of the time, but that’s not the worst of it.  Jason voted for the Republican Balanced Budget Amendment which would have led to massive cuts to Social Security and Medicare, veterans’ benefits, education programs and other vital programs. He even sided with the Tea Party over the debt limit.  If he had his way, our economy would have gotten much worse and the government would have defaulted on its bills.

The issues are on our side and organized labor is rallying to the cause.  We have all of the momentum right now but I need your help if we are going to elect a REAL Democrat this April.

Thank you for your support.


Mark Critz

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